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Engin Seat Collar Black/Silver

Engin Seat Collars are made to the highest degree of precision in house to ensure the most evenly distributed clamping force over the largest possible area. This reduces stress on frames and seat posts, and eliminates the need to over-torque fasteners to prevent slipping. Made from 6061 aluminum, all collars have a plated finish and feature formed threads to prevent stripping. Custom made 6-2-4-2 titanium fasteners are durable and corrosion resistant while keeping the overall weight down to 29g. Available in 34.9 only.

Our collars have a stack height of approximately 1" - ensure your seat tube has enough space, keeping in mind some frames will require sanding paint for proper fitment.

Photos shown are of pre-production samples. For international orders, contact us for shipping quote.

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